rElationship counselling

rElationship counselling

Living and loving with ADHD

Having close, meaningful relationships is central to a good life. Many people with ADHD struggle to maintain fulfilling relationships. Counselling can help you with interpersonal issues in your non-romantic relationships, too. If you have concerns and are struggling to communicate with a business partner, sibling, parent, or friend, you may benefit from having some mediation sessions together.  

Those with hyperactive and inattentive symptoms may appear to be inconsiderate when they are distracted or restless. Often people think that they are not listening. Difficulties with time management and organizational issues can be frustrating. People with ADHD may frequently forget things that are important to their partners, like social plans or promises they made. Recklessness with impulsive sub-types can manifest with issues like money mismanagement, leading to tension or even resentment in relationships. 

Many people with ADHD are painfully aware of their shortcomings and are trying hard to do better. They can learn to better manage their condition to build stronger social connections to reduce the impact of their symptoms.

Relationships don't need to be so hard.

Relationship support with an ADHD-informed counsellor can make a lasting difference. Get started today!

How We'll Work Together

I am an expert on neurodiversity and counselling, but I trust that you are the expert on your own life. I facilitate sessions by helping you to get clear about what you want in your relationship and co-creating solutions that work for your unique brains and hearts.

In partner sessions you access quality communication skills training designed to support couples in breaking the conflict-dance cycle. You’ll learn to shift the way you relate to one another, and to engage in positive and helpful discussions, instead of repeating the same old futile arguments.


Sessions include take-away exercises and tools to use in your daily lives to affect change. Topics discussed may involve issues like sex, fidelity, finances, the distribution of household labour, or other concerns (whether related to ADHD or not). 

Helpful Resources

It can help when loved ones are “in the know” about ADHD-related challenges and strengths. ADHDers tend to be creative, empathetic, and passionate partners. Learn more about ADHD/ADD superpowers here.

Relationship improvement doesn’t have to take forever! Relationship tune-up sessions or exercises like this can help to address issues before they get worse.