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individuAl counselling & coaching

individuAl counselling & coaching

Focus on what matters

Tailored ADHD Support and Strategies for Individuals


Being neurodiverse in a world built for neurotypicals can be really hard. We sometimes are called lazy, unreliable, or worse. Many of those negative messages become internalized and can contribute to low self-esteem. We may struggle to keep a good job, a healthy relationship, and/or a consistent self-care routine. We know we are smart yet underachieving. 


One-on-one coaching sessions can be great for students, entrepreneurs, parents, and people looking to get more organized and focused on what matters most. Some people come to counselling to explore their gender identity, alternative relationship styles, or other issues around sexual and relational health.


People commonly wrap up counselling feeling better about life; with clarity around career choices, how to have their needs met in relationships, and with supportive tools for daily functioning. 

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How We'll Work Together

In sessions, you can process whatever is on your mind. You get tools and exercises designed to help you to meet your goals. Our goal is that you walk away feeling heard, understood, and connected with someone who genuinely cares. 

You can learn to reduce unwanted habits and addictions by identifying what is keeping you stuck. Together we will get clarity on the obstacles in your way, such as self-sabotage, self-limiting thoughts, and overwhelming emotions. Then we work together to remove or reduce these barriers. 

Ultimately, we all can improve the relationship we have with ourselves. In addition to developing an ADHD/ADD toolkit for tackling life, if you are struggling with motivation issues, over-functioning/perfectionism, or low self-esteem we can help you to develop the scientifically proven skill of mindful self-compassion.

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Helpful Resources

What is the difference between counselling and coaching, anyways? While there are some overlaps, counselling addresses deep emotional issues to alleviate unwanted stress or behaviours, while coaching takes a more goal-oriented solution-focused approach. Many people opt for a hybrid of both styles for their sessions. If you are interested in learning more, check out: 

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