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KaitlYn raymond


ADHD Certified Coach

Hi, I'm Kaitlyn.


I have worked with families, children and adults with ADD, ADHD and ASD for more than a decade and am passionate about psychology and counselling.

I help individuals to reach their potential by working together with tools and strategies to overcome obstacles and make day to day life a little bit easier. My goal is to support you in seeing yourself with compassion and acceptance, as this world we live in is not always easy for neurodivergent minds. I believe that together, we can find ways to work with your unique and wonderful brain, not against it.

Folks I support are often seeking:

  • Relationship coaching for couples and families

  • Mindfulness tools and somatic integration

  • Communication skills training

  • Managing challenges with school and work

  • Food and nutrition for ADHDers

  • Executive function coaching (improving decision making, emotional regulation, motivation and reducing procrastination)

I'm currently completing a Master of Arts in Clinical Counselling and have a BA in Social Development Studies. I'm also a certified Holistic Nutritionist with a post graduate certificate in Autism and Behavioural Sciences. 

In my free time, I enjoy exploring the outdoors, backcountry camping, paddleboarding and both practicing and teaching yoga.


Session Fees (before tax):

$120 (plus applicable tax) per 50-minute session

$180 (plus applicable tax) per 80-minute session

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