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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's get you some answers.

ADHD Counselling FAQ


How long will we work together?

The counselling journey is as unique as you are, so there is no set timeline unless you request one. Some goals can be achieved in just a few sessions, while others require more time. We will work at your pace, addressing your specific needs in a way that suits you best. Our aim is to empower you with skills and tools for your daily life, helping you create the life you desire.


How frequent will our sessions be?

Most clients typically start with weekly or biweekly sessions and then gradually adjust the frequency as needed. You might feel ready to take a break from regular sessions and return as needed.


How are online sessions delivered?

Our online sessions are conducted via the Jane App, a fully secure, encrypted, and privacy-compliant healthcare video software. 


What times are sessions available?

We offer appointments during both daytime and evening hours as well as some weekend time to accommodate various schedules.

Do you folks offer ADHD diagnostic assessments? 

We do not currently provide diagnoses. You can search for someone in your area, or you can try an online assessment with any of the below resources (please note, The ADHD & Relationship Centre is not affiliated with any of these companies, we’ve just heard really good things about their diagnostic processes).


The Adult ADHD Centre

Frida, an online assessment platform

Dr. Paul Brennan

Cognito, an online assessment platform

I don’t have a diagnosis / I don’t identify as neurodivergent. Can I still work with you?

Yes! No diagnosis is required to access mental health support with a clinician at The ADHD & Relationship Centre. While the majority of our services are provided for humans with neurodivergent traits, we warmly welcome people who love people with ADHD (and/or ASD) who reach out for neurodivergent-informed support. Perhaps you have a family member with ADHD and are seeking to better understand it to improve your relationship. We are happy to connect with you.


What is the difference between coaching and counselling?

Coaching and counselling both provide valuable support, but they serve slightly different purposes. Counselling, led by Canadian Certified Counsellors or Registered Clinical Counsellors, is typically more focused on addressing mental health issues, emotional challenges, and psychological concerns. It may involve delving into the past, exploring deep-seated emotions, and often involves therapy techniques rooted in clinical psychology.

On the other hand, coaching, such as our ADHD Coaching, is a goal-oriented and forward-looking approach. It's designed to help you identify and achieve specific life goals, enhance your skills, and overcome challenges in your day-to-day life. Coaches often work with clients on areas like time management, organization, and skill development.

While counselling delves into the complexities of your emotional and mental well-being, coaching is a collaborative partnership aimed at empowering you to make positive changes in your life. Both can be incredibly beneficial, and the choice between them depends on your individual needs and goals. If you're still unsure which is the best fit for you, please don't hesitate to connect with us for a consultation chat, and we can discuss your specific situation in more detail.


Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) debit cards as well as e-transfers for your convenience.


What is your cancellation policy?

When you book a session, a time commitment is made and held exclusively for you. We kindly request 48 hours notice for any appointment changes or cancellations, otherwise there is a $50 fee. If cancellation occurs within 8 hours of a scheduled session, the full session fee will be applicable. 


Is counselling covered through insurance?

While we don't offer direct billing, you will receive a receipt for each session that you can submit for reimbursement. Most extended health insurance plans cover counselling services, and some will cover ADHD coaching. We recommend checking your plan's coverage, including any specific designations they require, to determine your eligibility. 


What are your rates?

For Counselling: 

Our individual counselling rate (one on one work with a Canadian Certified Counsellor or Registered Clinical Counsellor) is $160 for a 50-minute session or $210 for an 80-minute session.

For couples/group counselling sessions (2+ people in families or alternate relationship constellations), the rate is $200 for a 50-minute session or $250 for an 80-minute session.

For ADHD Coaching:

Our coaching rates are $120 for a 50-minute session or $180 for an 80-minute session, with no difference in rates between individual and couples/group sessions. 

Please note that all prices are pre-tax.

Do you offer low-cost or pro bono services?

We are committed to equitable access to compassionate and skilled mental health services, while ensuring our practitioners are compensated well for their work so they are able to bring a high-quality and grounded energy to support you. Our clinicians allocate a certain number of client spots for sliding scale fees. To inquire about a clinician’s availability for sliding scale spots, please reach out to them directly. If you are looking for support through the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) program, please let us know and we can connect you with a FNHA provider.  

We also offer a free monthly support group and various other groups, webinars and other offerings for accessible prices you can find on our group page here.

Have more questions? 

We appreciate your curiousity! Please ask, and we'll have someone get back to you as soon we can. 

Thanks for reaching out.

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